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gold nepal Gold
Contract Type Qty. Amount. Commision
Regular 1kg 75000/- 1200/-
Mini 500gm 45000/- 700/-
Small 100gm 15000/- 300/-
Expo 1kg 25000/- 1200/-
Silver copper nepal
Contract Type Qty. Amount. Commision
Regular 30kg 75000/- 1200/-
Mini - - -
Small 5kg 15000/- 300/-
Expo 30kg 25000/- 1200/-
crude oil nepal Crude Oil
Contract Type Qty. Amount. Commision
Regular 250BBL 75000/- 1200/-
Mini - - -
Small 50BBL 15000/- 300/-
Expo 250BBL 25000/- 1200/-
Copper copper nepal
Contract Type Qty. Amount. Commision
Regular 5000kg 75000/- 1200/-
Mini - - -
Small 1000kg 15000/- 300/-
Expo 5000kg 25000/- 1200/-

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About Us:

e-Zone Commodities Market Pvt. Ltd. is instituted with an aim to provide enhanced services to online commodity trading. We offer services of market making in futures market and give best service to get succeed in this business. We are one of the leading investment management firms dedicated to establish good relationship with clients leveraging adequate resources with the sound base and high credibility in the capital market. e-Zone Commodity Market has dedicated and rigorous to deliver the best services to client.


We provide ourselves for being a genuine helper and our primary concern is to serve and help client to succeed. We have acquired all the knowledge and every possible skill to help investors which leads to success.

  • We provide best services on risk and money management
  • Strong analysis on fundamental and technical system
  • Free Consultancy about future market
  • Various Levels of trainings and flexible knowledge support
  • Hedging option (Buy and Sell from same account on same commodity)
  • Lowest and fixed spread rate at genuine price.
  • Trading in 14 commodities.
  • Very lowest Margin for trade of 1kg gold @ NPR 25000/-
  • Highest growth rate in commodity brokering industry.
  • Everyday trading strategy from experienced analyst.
  • more..
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